HT Neuro Rehab

Helping to Rebuild Lives


Welcome to Hampstead Tree Neuro Rehab, Occupational Therapy based in the heart of North West London.  Our mission is to help you or your loved one recover from a trauma or condition, regain lost abilities and skills and have the confidence to live and enjoy life as best as possible. We help people to rebuild their lives, have a future to look forward to and thrive.

Our private practice provides a full service occupational therapy in and around London and the surrounding areas.  HT Neuro Rehab is headed up by Laila Motty, a trained Occupational Therapist (Bsc Hons in Occupational Therapy) fully registered with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT). Laila has experienced rehab from both sides, as a daughter and caregiver.  Her mother had a stroke and she has experienced the difficulties families encounter first hand.  This only strengthened her commitment to deliver the best possible care to her patients.

Full Service Occupational Therapy

HT Neuro Rehab covers numerous OT clinical specialities, tailored to your needs including hand and upper limb rehabilitation, brain injury, strokes, functional neurological disorder (FND), neurological conditions, prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDoC), wheelchair assessments and we also train Occupational Therapy clinicians.  For more on our services, click here.

Understanding Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists (OT’s) work with people of all ages.  The aim of this type of therapy is to enable people that have suffered trauma, accident or have a disability to be able to carry out everyday activities (or other activities needed) so that they live a happy, healthy life.  HT Neuro Rehab particularly focuses on young adults but also look after children and adults of all ages, find out more here.

When life changes

Unfortunately, life presents many challenges.  Sometimes those challenges inhibit abilities, even those tasks that all of us take for granted can become challenging following brain injury, accident or neurological illness.  When that happens, life changes, dramatically. HT Neuro Rehab helps our patients to deal with those changes and re-learn skills, rebuilding life so it can once again be enjoyable and as fulfilling as possible.

We Break Down the Barriers to Life

The way that Laila and her team work is to break down barriers caused by accident, illness, trauma or disability and give patients back their abilities to carry out daily tasks and activities as freely as possible.  There is a lot to take into account, the effects of injury and illness as well as ageing.  There are also community and environmental factors that can inhibit the ability to function.  We determine what our patients cannot do, find out what our patients want to be able to do and tailor a plan to reach those goals.

Making Life Meaningful Again

While every team member is highly qualified in Occupational Therapy, we believe it is more than just clinical expertise.  It is empathy, patience, kindness and encouragement.  That is what makes HT Neuro Rehab different.  With our compassionate approach, we help our patients to regain the ability to perform everyday tasks and functions so life is meaningful and, pleasurable.  It is more than a job, it is a vocation.

Take Back Control, Recover Life Skills and Abilities

You don’t need to limit your life, with genuinely caring Occupational Therapy; we will help you to overcome your challenges.  We truly believe that no matter the extent of your condition or trauma, you can achieve a better quality of life than you may think. 

  • We focus on your recovery
  • We help you to regain your lost skills or build a new set of abilities, skills and mobility
  • We show you how to live following brain injury and discover how capable you are
  • We give you the tools to understand your body, your mind, your brain and navigate any changes required 
  • We help you return to work and stay in employment 
  • We give you the confidence to be in the community and live independently at home
  • We encourage you to build your family relationships
  • We give you confidence to participate in social and leisure activities