Occupational Therapy Perfectly Tailored to Your Needs

HT Neuro Rehab specialises in a breadth of Occupational Therapy specialities and we tailor a plan bespoke to you or your loved one’s needs.  We can help facilitate rehabilitation, rebuild skills, improve ability and give our patients the opportunity of an enhanced life.  Additionally, we offer therapy packages covering a variety of different needs.  For more information on the types of packages available, contact us.

Start Your Journey Back to Health

To find out how we can help you, please submit a consultation request here and we will organise a mutually convenient time for a telephone call.   Our team will need to complete some professional paperwork before a full assessment and then we can start your rehabilitation journey.

The HT Neuro Rehab Guarantee

Our patients always receive kindness, patience, compassion and respect.  We guarantee:

  • The highest possible quality dedicated, reliable rehabilitation with a qualified Occupational Therapist
  • Every case is treated by an efficient, experienced, caring practitioner
  • The best achievable outcomes

The HT Neuro Rehab Assessment

Our Occupational Therapy is a unique style, with a multi-model approach to rehabilitation.  It is always carried out with the person involved as the main concern.  We find this the best method to successful rehabilitation.

Goal-Setting Holistic and Supportive Occupational Therapy

You or your loved one’s journey to recovery always starts with a full discussion of needs, aims and goals for therapy.  We work together with you, to jointly set-up achievable goals offering a person-centred, holistic service involving a thoroughly supportive, empowering service throughout the rehabilitation process. Together with you, we will focus on your challenges, developing a plan to move forwards.  The aim is for you to understand your abilities and how you can use them to increase independence with day to day life and to further develop your skills so you can enjoy life as best as possible.

Our team also offer training for families, so that they too can be as involved as they want to be and offer practical and emotional support.  

Day to Day Living

Often, the result of trauma, accident, illness or disability results in those daily tasks that we all take for granted becoming hugely challenging.  Not only is this frustrating for the person involved and their family, it is also confidence-destroying and stressful.  Those skills that used to be easy suddenly become very difficult, sometimes impossible.  Our OTs understand what it’s like for someone to lose their abilities and we can help to recover and rebuild essential abilities and skills for daily living, always with patience, kindness and compassion.

Conditions such as a stroke, a brain injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Functional Neurological Disorders (FND) and other conditions that affect the brain, body and mind can impact on previously meaningful activities.  Our team not only help to rebuild those skills, but also increase confidence to know how and when to carry out tasks.


Many of our patients start their journey with us with impaired cognitive function, such as knowing how and when to do things.  Those activities like dressing, showering, eating, getting out of bed and others no longer come naturally.  Additionally, the physical aspect of tasks also can become extremely difficult, for example, doing up buttons, tying shoelaces, using a toothbrush and more.  With our approach, we help our patients to re-learn these day-to-day tasks so they once again, become natural, normal, routine. 

Living Independently

From living an independent life to suddenly not being able to perform your daily routine is stressful and confusing when you or a loved one has suffered a trauma or accident.  However, returning to the home is possible with high quality, specialist rehabilitation care from an Occupational Therapist.  Our team help our patients with rehabilitation so they understand and rebuild their skills to ultimately safely return home, being able to once again cook, clean and look after themselves.

Participate in Social and Leisure Activities

Part of our rehabilitation program focuses on being able to enjoy life as fully as possible and social activities are very important for positive mental wellbeing.  As well as aiding in rebuilding social skills, we help our patients rediscover their confidence so they can thoroughly enjoy their leisure time.

Accessing Local Community and Travelling

Whether it’s being able to go to the supermarket, get on and off public transport, enjoy a meal out with friends, visiting family or planning a trip abroad, our team will help make all of the aforementioned accessible again.  From planning the easiest routes to work and assessing any problematic areas, researching and organising essential specialist equipment or rebuilding mental and physical skills to reach those goals, we will be there to make as much possible as we can.

The Workplace

Returning to the workplace following trauma, accident, injury or facing disability can be very stressful but with HT Neuro Rehab, we help the transition to be as smooth as possible.  Our specialists focus on cognitive retraining of skills to help you return to your place of work or to start a new role.  Our own skillset includes offering invaluable input for cognitive deficits such as maintaining attention and focus, improving memory and how to plan and organise effectively.

For further information or to discuss you or your loved one’s needs, contact us here.

Hand and Upper Limb Retraining

We use our arms and hands every day, all day for a multitude of tasks.  Whether it’s fine motor skills, such as doing up the buttons on a shirt, pulling a zip upwards or pressing the keys on a computer keyboard, hands, fingers and arms are essential tools. They’re also expressive.  We use them when we speak, gesturing, waving hello or pointing out a direction for example. We often take them for granted and when we can’t use them, not only does it affect our physical wellbeing, it also causes mental stress.  Whether through accident, trauma, illness or existing disability, at HT Neuro Rehab, our knowledgeable team know how to support our patients through expert Occupational Therapy, exercises and specialist skills.  Our aim is to help you or your loved one to improve or retrain hand and upper limb mobility to live life as fully as possible.

Expert Hand and Upper Limb Therapy

Our team have huge experience in hand and upper limb Occupational Therapy, concentrating on existing abilities and using mixed exercises to encourage mobility and fine and gross motor skills. We focus on the whole limb structure, the shoulder, arm, wrist and fingers as well as assessing posture and breathing techniques.  Additionally, our treatment includes how to reduce pain and inflammation while maximising independence. All of these elements are analysed so that at every session, we have detailed treatment to successfully reach your goals. 

Each patient is assessed to determine the treatment required.  We can supply equipment to aid with day-to-day life and where necessary, we can also arrange a home assessment to assist with rehabilitation.

The ultimate aim is for you to regain your independence as quickly as possible and we will work hard to achieve that outcome.

Get in touch to discuss your hand and upper limb retraining here.

Prolonged Disorders of Consciousness (PDOC)

HT Neuro Rehab is one of the few private practices that offers a comprehensive 24 hour, 7 day a week postural assessment with recommendations.  With years of unrivalled experience in this sensitive, specialist area, we understand the complexities involved and how to approach situations to maximise the potential of a successful outcome.  Our team provides a thorough assessment using standardised assessment tools as outlined by the General Medical Council.  Additionally, we can also train and advise caregivers, family and other staff involved in rehabilitating PDOC patients.

Unfortunately, PDOC means that patients have complex physical needs and must be cared for 24 hours a day.  This includes the requirement for a 24 hour posture management programme to help with the current situation and future rehabilitation needs.  The programme is a relatively new area in healthcare and has significant importance for the patient’s future wellbeing.  It can also be applied to many different conditions, at home or within a residential or nursing home.  At HT Neuro Rehab, we favour a more holistic 24/7 positioning approach.  This includes therapeutic positioning which we implement after a careful yet robust assessment.

The Occupational Therapy service that we offer for PDOC patients includes examining position while in a wheelchair, bed and posture throughout the day.  We do this to avoid the person in question from further declining in health or encountering more problems through immobility.

Additionally, our team is qualified to offer training to private individuals and nursing homes.  We can tailor a training program according to the establishment’s or caregivers’ needs including making recommendations to staff members and others with the patient’s needs always at the forefront of mind.

Contact us to find out more on what we can do for you.

Wheelchair Assessment

An Occupational Therapist is essential when it comes to choosing the right wheelchair for restricted mobility.  Whether it’s because you or your loved one has experienced an accident or injury and requires a wheelchair due to inhibited mobility or is simply getting older and needs something more to help with getting around, HT Neuro Rehab offers a thorough wheelchair assessment service that determines the right equipment so you stay safe, comfortable and supported throughout use.  A wheelchair must be suitable for a person’s needs, their health, posture, function and mobility.  The right wheelchair should help ensure independence and safety as well as reduce the caregiver’s burden.

For those that cannot walk independently, a wheelchair is invaluable and today’s technology means there are an abundance of excellent options available to maintain access to everything you need at home and out in the community.

HT Neuro Rehab assesses wheelchairs for the following conditions:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Orthopaedic conditions
  • Limited mobility inside and outside of home
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Amputations
  • Orthopaedic issues
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Other injuries and complications

Our wheelchair assessments will recommend how to improve you or your loved one’s independence too and help you to be able to continue living your life as fully as possible.  Each professional assessment is tailored to the individual and involves full postural analysis, advice, training, maintenance, set-up and management of equipment, wheelchair prescription according to condition (standard wheelchairs, spinal cord wheelchairs and specialist wheelchairs such as tilt in space).  Following assessment, if needed, we will provide a full report of the findings with a detailed analysis of recommendations for the individual concerned.

It is important to know that sometimes, a wheelchair can be obtained for no expense or a nominal fee. Additionally, our team can research and advise on ramps and access equipment for the wheelchair user.

To discuss a wheelchair assessment, contact us here.

Occupational Therapy Training for Clinicians

Our wealth of experience and training qualifications means that we often run training courses for clinicians wishing to expand their Occupational Therapy knowledge.  Our service is particularly aimed at Occupational Therapists that do not have a clinical supervisor or are without access to a senior Occupational Therapist.

Non-Clinical Mentoring and Consultancy Service (this is a new service) 

In addition to training and development, HT Neuro Rehab also offers support for service development, including how to develop private practice services.  See below for a list of what we cover:

  • Assessing, measuring and fabricating upper limb thermoplastic splints
  • Wheelchair measuring and prescription
  • Postural management
  • Introduction to PDOC for Occupational Therapists

Contact us for our full training schedule.